What can you do with an MBA in Strategy and Leadership?

NMIMS - What can you do with an MBA in Strategy and Leadership?

MBA in Strategy and Leadership teaches better decision-making strategies to ease out management decisions for achieving the big picture, which in turn improves the company’s performance. Unlike the concentration of the technical MBA that aims to develop expertise in certain aspects of business, such as marketing or finance, the concentration of the MBA in Strategy requires mastery of business theory of factors that influence success or failure.

MBA in Strategy programs combine basic knowledge from the fields of finance and economics with management skills to create good business decisions. It prepares you for senior management and top executive positions that require strategic decision-making and are driven by data. With this advanced degree, you might be eligible to hold an executive-level managerial position like:

•  Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 
•  Chief Financial Officer (CFO), 
•  Chief Operating Officer (COO), 
•  Chief Information Officer (CIO)
•  Director of Operations
•  Management position in various organizations and industries

MBA in Leadership:
MBA in Leadership is the addition to postgraduate business courses that emphasize on leadership through classes and expertise in the development of teams, skills buildings, postal organizations, crisis challenges, various groups of management, ethics, etc.
In such programs, students develop their own holistic views on organizations while developing the quality of leadership skills needed to identify opportunities of quality tactics. Skills in this course not only give you success in your work, but the degree also gives you the advantages needed to extend your career.

There are many fields but below are some areas borne by the MBA specializing in leadership which makes them receive additional training in leadership than other MBA programs.

•  Supply chain
•  Accountancy
•  Finance
•  Business ethics
•  Human Resources
•  Business law.

5 careers to look for to learn better Strategy and Leadership

Your career path depends on your unique goals and interests. MBA with a concentration in strategy and leadership is a versatile degree that you can use to pursue management roles in all types of companies.

Below are five careers that produce an MBA with a concentration in strategy and leadership may want to pursue:

1. Advertising, promotion, and marketing manager
What do advertising, promotion, or marketing managers do? Usually, this type of manager:
•  Work with colleagues to set a budget, negotiate a contract, and build a marketing plan
•  Plan advertising and campaign promotion
•  Determine which media (radio, television, print, and billboards) are the best to use to meet your goals
•  Meet clients to provide marketing or related suggestions
•  Rent and manage support staff and oversee their daily activities

2. Market research analyst
What do market research analysts do? Usually, market research analyst:
•  Collect data about customers, competitors, and sales trends
•  Data analysis using statistical software
•  Make marketing and sales forecasts based on their research

3. Management analyst
Management analysts recommend ways that companies can apply to increase efficiency. In this pursuit, they:
•  Research organizational problems and procedures
•  Analyze income and expenditure data
•  Develop a system, procedure, or change of a new organization that will increase efficiency

4. Sales manager
What does a sales manager do? Usually, a sales manager oversees the company's sales department. These include:
•  Develop a plan to get new customers/clients
•  Assign the sales area and set a sales quota
•  Coordinate training programs for sales staff

5. Top executives
What did the top executive do? These executives develop plans and strategies that help businesses achieve their goals. Their work function includes:
•  Directing financial activities and company budgeting
•  Consult with executives, staff, and other board members about operations
•  Contract negotiations
•  Appoint head department and manager

Value of MBA in Strategy and Leadership
One of the main benefits of income at this level is the development of skills. According to the Postgraduate Management Board, the most needed business skills in the world post-Covid-19 situation are:
•  Managing Strategies and Innovation
•  Manage tools and technology
•  Interpersonal abilities
•  Learning / Motivation / Leadership Skills

Strategic thinking is the ability to adapt and innovate; while leadership is one of the three main skills that one learns in the MBA program.  The external environment always develops, and with this MBA one learns how to anticipate change and start making adjustments before these changes. Companies are looking for people to diagnose needs, bring them to the attention of senior leadership, and, most importantly, start taking action to harmonize people in new goals and lead them through changes in a positive way. Hence, the scope of an MBA in Strategy and Leadership is huge. 

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