NMIMS - 7 Effective Executive Leadership Skills

7 Effective Executive Leadership Skills 

Senior professionals constantly look to develop their Executive Leadership Skills to drive positive changes in their organizations. EMBA aids this change creation. How? Read through to seek answers.d
While being a reputed manager and leader needs time and experience, there are some things you can do to improve your leadership skills and management quickly. 

Analyze your Leadership and Management Skills

Take the time to examine different leadership styles and determine which one you identify with the most - this will help you recognize potential strengths and weaknesses as leaders. The best manager knows how to use this power, and how to draw on other leadership styles to compensate for the field of weakness.

Identify the Areas in Which You Want to Improve
We all have things about ourselves that we want to improve, especially when it comes to how we interact with others. If you are working hard to become a great manager, it's important for you to have a clear understanding of your improvement areas and actively work to change them. 

Maybe you want to be a better communicator or find it difficult to make a decision. After identifying what you want to work on, find ways to practice your weak areas every day in low-stakes situations. Let’s say for a decision-making improvement, you may start with taking small decisions such as deciding the route you will take home after work and then owning the repercussions.

Determine Your Leadership Style
Understanding your leadership style opens the door to building managerial skills in harmony with your true realm. Is your leadership approach democratic, visionary, coaching, affiliative, speed determinant, or ordered? With proper knowledge of where you fall in this category, you are more ready to learn how to improve leadership skills and make a perfect leadership mix for yourself.

Model Great Leadership for Others
A good leader inspires others and helps in making more leaders. Just talking about leadership and values is not sufficient, it is imperative to walk the talk. Research says that the core characteristic of transformational leaders is the ability to be role models. 

One of the most powerful examples of leadership skills is showing those around you exactly what you’d like to see them do. Don’t waver on this. The strongest message you can send to your team is to model the behaviors you’d like to see.

Set Concrete Goals and Execute Them
Even the most formidable leaders don't come up with success from anywhere. The grandest vision is bound to fail if you don't plan the way to get there. When you are developing leadership skills, invest time in explaining your goals and strengthening them. Formulate the right plan and set a benchmark, the methodology that will guide your business through the week, month, year, and the next decade.

Navigation of Difficult Conversations
Every leader comes across stressful situations that include layoffs, talking about problems appearing in the office, criticizing performances or appraisals. A good leader has the skill to steer through these situations with utmost grace and responsibility. Taking care of the employees or the followers without transferring the bad stress to them is what is the skill of the leader. 

Find Your Higher Purpose
When developing leadership skills, it is important that you know the purpose behind your decisions and actions. What drives you? Your direct response may directly be a greater salary of a well-done job or prestige derived from a higher ranking. Setting up higher goals and knowing your inner drive help you become more confident and empowered as a leader. 

As you hone your effectiveness as a leader in your own life – whether that’s in a professional or personal capacity – you’ll strengthen the efforts you put into your own goals. Those around you will see the hard work and passion you bring to the table each day, stirring them to work on developing leadership skills, too.
Being a leader is hard– there are so many skills you need to be successful. Thankfully, with a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll be able to work on these skills to become the best leader in your organization.

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