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About Manipal University Jaipur Online

The online Manipal University is a division of the prestigious Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). In 2021, the university commenced offering courses in an online format. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has granted authorization to Online Manipal University to provide undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs.

Currently, the university offers BCA, BBA, and B.Com in the undergraduate category. In the postgraduate category, they offer MCA, MBA, M.Com, and MA JMC. These online courses are taught by the highly esteemed faculty of Manipal University Jaipur, along with real-world mentors.

The university offers an advanced digital learning platform that houses all course materials and cutting-edge tutorials. Examinations are conducted online through this Learning Management System (LMS). To ensure security, these online exams are remotely proctored. Additionally, the LMS provides students with self-learning opportunities through various practice tests and online quizzes.

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At Manipal's online programs, our goal is to provide students with comprehensive educational experiences that prepare them for a wide range of industries. Our curriculum and learning approach have been carefully crafted by professors and industry experts alike.

To ensure that all students have access to education, we offer flexible financing options such as no-cost EMIs. We also provide attractive scholarships for government employees, defense personnel, high-achieving students, and individuals with disabilities. Our aim is to remove financial barriers and make knowledge and education accessible to everyone.

Real-World Mentors

Our team of mentors consists of seasoned professors as well as industry professionals who bring their wealth of experience to guide and support our students.

Industry Network

Manipal University has established relationships with over 100 recruiters hailing from Fortune 500 companies.

Convenient Financing Choices

We offer a range of convenient financing options, including No-Cost EMI plans and appealing scholarships available for various categories.

Updated Fees for Each Course in 2024

Courses Full Fees
Online MBA Rs 1,75,000
Online BBA Rs 1,35,000
Online MCA Rs 1,58,000
Online BCA Rs 1,35,000
Online MA (JMC) Rs 75,000
Online M.Com Rs 90,000
Online B.Com Rs 75,000

Manipal Online Program Benefits

  • Online Manipal University offers students a wide range of fully online, accredited degree and diploma courses, totaling over 10 options.

  • These courses have been approved by the UGC for online delivery.

  • Students can choose from undergraduate programs like BCA, BBA, and B. Com, as well as postgraduate programs like MCA, MBA, M. Com, and MA JMC, all of which are offered in online mode.

  • The university has its own Learning Management System (LMS) that comes with a variety of unique and customized features. These features include self-learning activities such as online quizzes, practice tests, and tutorials.

  • Additionally, the university conducts examinations online, with remote proctoring through the LMS.

  • To facilitate easy financing, the university also offers no-cost EMI options.

  • Moreover, scholarship opportunities are available for government employees, defense personnel, meritorious students, and differently-abled individuals.
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Get a Prestigious Degree from Manipal Online

Earn a globally recognized UGC-endorsed degree

  • Accredited and acknowledged degree

  • Degree approved by NAAC and AICTE

  • Degree acknowledged in both private and public sectors

  • Equivalent to an on-campus degree

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Admission Process of Shoolini Online

  Explore the official website of Manipal University Online and complete the online application by selecting the "Enrol Now" option.

Enroll Now
  Upload all the required documents and proceed to submit your application.
  Make the payment for the application fee, which will be later adjusted in the Semester 1 fees.
  In case there are any pending procedures, an admission counselor will contact you and provide assistance throughout the entire       process.

Admission Process of Jain Online

Step 1

Visit the official website and click on “Enroll Now”.

Enroll Now

Step 2

Enquire about the concerned course and after that start the admission procedure through the online application form.


Step 3

Fill up the application form and upload all the necessary documents in the prescribed format and size.

Step 4

After this, pay the required amount of fee to secure the admission seat.

Step 5

After paying the fee and completing the application process, submit the admission form.


Step 5

After a few days the university will send the admission confirmation mail containing your enrollment number and other credentials.

Career & placement assistance of Manipal Online

Manipal students have an opportunity of

  • Acquiring employability skills through assessments and tests

  • Access to a network of over 100 recruiters from Fortune 500 companies

  • Assistance in securing a job that matches the student's individual profile

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Hiring Partners of Manipal Online

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