Frequently asked question regarding Distance MBA.

1. Which is more valuable “ Regular MBA or Executive MBA?

For a working professional where taking out time for daily chores

in itself is a head ache, regular MBA is seen to become a road block. For

working professionals, distance MBA to be studied at their own convenience is

obviously better. In terms of money, regular MBA is 4 times costlier than

distance MBA. Again distance MBA gets favored here. With the use of technology

in education, seminar and webinars in great

demand and the presence of internet everywhere; distance MBA grabs major

attention as compared to regular theoretical book learning approach of regular


Both the degrees are valid for seeking higher jobs, be it in

private sector or in government (state or central both).

Both the MBA degrees carry almost the similar value; it depends

upon your time schedule and motivation levels which one would suit you better.


2. How much is the price difference between the two?

Distance MBA is almost 4 times cheaper than the regular MBA. 

Also the cost of going to regular class and attending lectures, purchasing

books is reduced. Technically distance MBA is much cheaper than regular MBA.


3.Am I offered placement opportunities after my Distance MBA


Distance education MBA is a program which is designed keeping

working professionals in mind. That means a distance MBA program is most

suitable for people who are already working in a company. Although it is not

always the case, the program is equally popular among freshly graduates and

house wives. Most distance education MBA Universities don't offer any placement

to their students, although some universities like SMU, NMIMS, IMT etc

sometimes offer placement assistance to their students. IGNOU also has a campus

placement cell.


4.Can I opt for specializations within distance MBA?

Yes. All the specializations available under regular MBA are

available here also. Depending upon your interest and preferences you can chose

the one which suits you the best. Also, while choosing a specialization keep in

mind your work area and if you are planning for a switch, plan the

specialization accordingly.


5. Which are the best Universities for Distance MBA?

Tagging any University or College as the best in any field will

not be justified. While choosing a University keep in mind the following

factors and then opt for one.

- Approved by UGC-DEB Entitled for offering distance education courses

- Exams conduction on time

-  Reasonable fee and higher return on investmen- Program

delivery method

-  Platforms for lecture delivery

 To name – ICFAI University, Annamalai University, Lovely

Professional University, Sikkim Manipal  University, IGNOU are a few highly

looked for.


6.What entrance exams to be taken for Distance MBA?

Distance MBA admissions do not ask for specialized centralized

entrance tests like CAT or MAT. Usually the Universities conduct their own

entrance exam. Although having a score of any centralized exam also can be used

to get into the Universities, subject to their admission guidelines.


7. What impact does a distance MBA degree have on the salary?

The salary of an MBA depends upon many factors like experience,

type of job, location of the job, and company.

If you’re a fresher and searching a job in a metro city, you can

accept a salary ranging from INR 15,000/- to INR 25,000/-. Although, the

average salary of an experienced MBA professional in India is as high as INR

50,000/-. If you have been working earlier, you can easily expect a hike of

approx 30% on your previous salary. This is also subject to change depending

upon the market scenario and the company that you are working with.


8.Do I have to forego my job for pursuing a Distance MBA degree?

No. You can continue with your regular job along with this degree

and you can spend your weekends or the time that you can spare on daily basis

for your studies. Examination time, you might have to take leaves from office

to take the test, otherwise regular work can be done.


9.Is Job availability enhanced after the Distance MBA degree?

Having completing your MBA degree be it regular or distance, you

are adding an educational post graduation degree to your credits. Obviously

your market value goes up and the chances of getting higher level jobs



10. Do I remain eligible for Government jobs?

Yes. UGC-DEB Entitled clarified that degrees, diplomas, and certificates

awarded by universities and institutions, approved by UGC-DEB Entitled, should be

treated as corresponding degrees of regular institutions. That means a distance

MBA will be treated as good as a regular MBA for government jobs.


11. Am I eligible to pursue higher studies after my Distance MBA


All the higher education degrees that ask for a post graduation

are open for you to be pursued. Although, PGDM/PGDBA students are not eligible

to apply for Ph.D since Diploma courses are not eligible for Ph.D programs.

With Distance MBA degree you are eligible for this also.


12. Is PGDM equal to MBA?

Not all PGDM courses are considered equal to MBA. A PGDM is

considered equal to MBA if the institution offering PGDM has accreditation from

AIU (The Association of Indian Universities). Course wise, a PGDM and MBA is

equal but an MBA course has wider acceptance in both private and government


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