Is Executive MBA from NMIMS Worth it?

Is Executive MBA from NMIMS Worth it?

NMIMS Executive MBA program is an advanced management development program, aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. These programs are also known as MBA (WX) program which is totally different from traditional 2 years MBA programs. The executive MBA for working professionals or EMBA is a coursework-based program that can be taken as a part-time or full-time course. This helps them to get exposure to new management concepts and learn new skills and tactics to improve their performance in the workplace. 

The purpose of any degree is to help you solve your problem for future growth. But what does NMIMS executive MBA do for you? If you consider taking this course, here are some pointers that might help you to select the right career path.

Value of NMIMS Executive MBA

•  This executive MBA program is extremely flexible and allows you to complete the course within the duration of 15-24 months whichever works best for you. It also comes with dual specialization. Working professionals with more than 3-4 years of experience who are only expecting advanced management knowledge can consider the WX program.

If you are a graduate who is expecting a management program for knowledge gain and who also wants a legitimate master's degree, then there is a difference.

•  Executive MBA of NMIMS offers specialization in 5 courses i.e., Leadership and strategy, applied finance, operation and supply chain, marketing, and digital marketing. You can tailor your MBA by choosing one of the five specializations.

•  It is a unique MBA for working executives that comes with a virtual learning environment where you can have access to the teaching material, and one-to-one interaction with the faculty member and your fellow students followed by the assessment system.

•  It also comes with a great opportunity that gives continuous learning as a result of the partnership with Harvard Business Publishing Education, through which you can receive six certifications.

•  This program is designed by expert and highly qualified professionals that help you to develop divergent thinking, sharpen your skill and improve your business acumen.

Working professionals who have gained enough experience in their field and want to branch out prefer to enroll in the MBA executive program. However, there is a growing number of people who are preferring executive MBA from distance learning programs.  Let’s see the factors as to why a large sum of people getting enrolled in the Executive MBA program. 

Why pursue an EMBA?

Are you the one asking yourself why to get into an MBA (WX) program? Then know that EMBA programs will help in preparing the future leader for an ever-changing environment. This ensures that working professionals stay abreast in their fields and makes them more aware of managerial skills.
However, some professionals are content to hold middle or upper-management positions. Others have different plans, but they lack certain essential abilities and executive knowledge that could advance their careers. 

The advantages of an Executive MBA for experienced professionals shine in this situation.

1. EMBAs produce fresh networking possibilities:
Students for EMBA programs come from a variety of industries. To increase career opportunities in the current job market, experts advise building a diverse network of connections. One of the most vital advantages of the executive MBA is the opportunity to interact with executives and industry experts and then nurture those diverse networks of relationships in order to expand career opportunities.

2. EMBAs provide new challenges and learning opportunities:
Anyone who has worked in an industry for several years and progressed up the corporate ladder has most likely developed skills in their field. This program is designed to refine that knowledge and climb the ladder of growth.

3. Online EMBAs produces great leader:
The EMBA program is made to hone and enhance the qualities that make a great manager. You can improve your communication skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and possibly most importantly your confidence by receiving professional coaching. EMBA students can develop into their best selves when they are allowed to learn from the best.

Executive MBA is the best way to get a head in the corporate world. You gain the ability to picture future organizations and your career roles within yourself. However, it is a common misconception that all EMBAs courses are the same, but this is not true. The course will vary according to the university you choose. So, it is essential for you to conduct research to determine which one best meets your requirements.

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