NMIMS MBA(Distance) June 2021 Exams guidelines Updated


1. Exam Dates: Please note that the Dates are tentative and if there is any change, we will keep you updated for the same
2. June 2021 Exams will be conducted only ODL and not at any Exam Centre
3. Every Exam Slot will have a limited capacity and is not open
4. Hence you are requested to complete the Exams Registration at the earliest to avoid disappointment
5. The next Exam Session may be held in October 2021
6. You can choose your own Date and Time Slot for each Exam subject to availability
7. To know the steps for booking the Exams, CLICK HERE
8. Ignore the Venue part in the above link and in our Explainer videos shared below
9 The above Exam Dates and Times are subject to availability and on first-come-first-serve basis
10. Certificate Course Exams are for 120 minutes and PG Diploma / Diploma Exams are for 150 minutes
11. There would be no Hall Tickets for June 2021 Exams as the link will be shared in your Student Portal
12. You will have to show your Identity Card (or any other Government Photo ID Proof like Aadhar, PAN Card etc.) to the Procter before the start of Exams to verify
13. Mark Sheets and Results of these Exams will show Exam Session as June 2021 and not July 2021 or August 2021

University will charge additional Processing Fee (Rs. 500/-) for Change of Exam registration in TOTAL per student and not per subject
Students can themselves change ODL the wrongly selected exam date/time slot same way as booking for the first time
In Exams Exam Registration, you will see a Change Exam Center button in the bottom from which you can change Date or Time Slot
This change will be accepted in the portal only till the Exam Registration window is open and subject to availability

1. Term End Paper Fee is Rs. 600 per paper
2. Examination Fee once paid will not be refunded or carried ahead for the next Exam cycle
3. If you had chosen the option of carrying forward the Exam Fee of April 2021 Exams, it will be adjusted in June 2021 Exams
4. You will have to pay for the remaining or new papers of June 2021 Exams

1. Laptop or Desktop in working condition
2. Mobiles will not be allowed for Exams
3. Stable internet connectivity with minimum 2 MBPS speed
4. Hotspots will not work for Exams
5. Operational Webcam
6. Well lit room
7. Compliance on compatibility University will provide a compliance test link through which it will be assessed if all the above parameters are checked
8. Demo Exams You will be getting a Demo Exams link to check if everything is working as per the standards
Important points:

Demo exam is mandatory before the main exam, Demo exam is not subject-specific but a mix of questions for you to help you understand the interface well, please make sure you go through compatibility check and Demo exam. It is available on the portal under Exams-- Demo Exam.
Students should use the same system for the main exam, used for compatibility check and demo exam. Compatibility link - https://tests.mettl.com/system-check?=db696a8e#/systemCheck (if you cannot click, copy paste link in the browser) to check the readiness of your system

Students must join the exam via the portal, in addition to this we will also be sending exam links on email one hour prior to the exam time.
Go through the attached Candidate guide which is also available under the Announcement section on your portal
Exam link will be active as per the slots booked and not before that, for example, the link for the 10 am slot will be live at 10 am and not before that
Mettl helpline: +91 8047190917, to be used for any help if you face problems during the exam
Usage of Mobile Phones, Tablets, or any other electronic devices is strictly prohibited and not allowed during the exam and can be kept in a different room. If a student is facing any tech issue, they can use the phone to call the Mettl support line

To maintain the sanctity of the examination, please ensure that you are the only person in the room during the exam and there is no disturbance. At any point of time during the exam, you can be asked by the proctor through chat, to rotate your Laptop/Webcam to show your surroundings.
University will initiate appropriate action in case a student is found to be not adhering to the aforesaid instructions / using unfair means/ possessing any unauthorized material of any type.
Students are not allowed to take a break or use the restroom during the examination.

1. Demo Exams will be made live next week
2. Registered Students will receive a copy of Dos and Don'ts for the Exams in Email
3. It will help you under both the Technical as well as Non Technical aspects of the Exams
4. A Technical Help Desk Number will be made available to the Students to discuss system related issues, if any


1. The Exams would be completely ODL
2. Exam Links can be accessed only from your Student Portal after successful login
3. Exam Link will be active 30 minutes before Exam goes live
4. Proctor assistance will be available during the Exam along with Technical assistance
5. Procter will be done by a person along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning parameters
6. If a Student is found copying or taking help from books or some other means, the exams will be treated as Unfair and will be failed for the subject


Q. I don't have the required bandwidth or system or web camera for the Exams. What can I do?
A. You have time to make arrangements for the same. If you cannot, you will not be able to give Examinations for June 2021. You can try for October 2021 Examinations in that case.

Q. Can I come to the Centre or Campus to give the Exams?
A. No, the Exams are completely ODL and you need to give the Exams only from your place. You have to make sure to have a Desktop or Laptop, Minimum 2 MBPS Internet, Webcam, Well Lit Room with no one around.

Q. I will book my slots now, but later can I cancel?
A. Yes, you can cancel later but there will be no refund for the same. You can also change the slots as shared above.

Q. What if my Exams are interrupted on account of electricity or internet fluctuations?
A. You will be allowed to continue from where you left as soon as you resume. But it will be monitored very closely for unfair means. This decision lies in the hands of University and you may not be allowed to continue. So make sure you fulfill all the criteria for Examinations.

Q. What is compatibility test and do have to do it only once?
A. Compatibility test is where a link will be sent to you. You have to just follow the steps which will check if you are on PC, and you have a good internet connection, and that you are not behind a firewall, and you have a working webcam and that the room is well lit to see the candidate properly. You have to repeat this test 24 hours before your every Exams to ensure that you do not face any issue in Exam.

Q. I do not stay in India and wont be able to come for Exams. What should I do?
A. Since the Exams are completely ODL this time, location does not matter. Just note that the Exams are on Indian Standard Time and then go ahead with the Exam Registration. Also do check for the compatibility of the Exams in your region from the link that will be sent to you.


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