Essential Elements for Training Success

The success of a training is marked by the performance of the learner. The learner has to be made to apply the skills learnt. Training centres around the trainee and so does the 3 essential elements for a successful training.

Empowerment is essential for constructive training.
It is to make the learner take responsibility. It begins by letting the trainee decide how to learn and apply, become proactive and eventually, when working in an organisation, take bold risks to even acquire other companies. Empowerment is a key to achieve involvement and flexibility in the corporates. The trainer is empowered if he does what he wants to do. Behold, empowerment is just as dangerous too. It is to be made sure that the trainee learns collective perception of empowerment. Empowered employee is a need for a positive shift in an organisation.

Engagement includes increased innovation with higher levels of motivation,
It results in increased productivity and performance and definitely attendance. Right training tools develop the skills of teamwork and better communicating attitudes and values to build corporate integrity. During this unstable era of job hopping, ownership has to be developed in an employee. This, along with customer loyalty depends greatly on the engagement of the employee. Thus, it is an essential element in training.

Entertainment does not need any elaboration.
Play and learn has always been imbibed in institutions of learning. For creative enrichment of the mind, entertainment fuels the trainees. It is important that they enjoy and do not get caught up in the routine loops. Activities can be so strategized to boost team spirit and bonding, as well as supplement learning.

Training with these 3 Es develops the perfect passion, compassion, humour and style in the learner. As an employee, the trainee is ready for the corporate world of today and is a leader of tomorrow.

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