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Manage entire plethora of your activities

Generate leads for your signature program

Get a project pipeline

Connect with corporate projects on finger tips

30 days free trial

Dashboard to keep an eye on all activities

One stop event management

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Deal with HRs
Book your corporate calender

Schedule management

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Trainer's Partner Tool Try if for Free 6 Months 12 Months
Post your WorkshopYesYesYes
Connect to right trainees segmentYesYesYes
Manage your calender by single clickYesYesYes
Strengthen your brand YesYesYes
Accept hassle free paymentYesYesYes
Mindfeed your trainees by shring blogs/thoughts/articlesYesYesYes
Personlised Digital Marketing YesYesYes
360 Degree Customer viewYesYesYes
Corporate projects at Finger tips-YesYes
Training Requirement-YesYes
Keep track your training records/activites-YesYes
Ads sponsered your events-YesYes
Promotion through social media platform -YesYes
Push Media Marketing-YesYes
Event management Guidance--Yes
Intro Studio Video (60-90sec)--Yes


Rs 449/month

Rs 399/month