Is PGDM equivalent to MBA?

Majority of working professionals as well as students have this dilemma whether there is any difference between MBA and PGDM or if PGDM is equivalent to MBA in terms of corporate acceptance. Even I had this doubt until I applied for the distance learning program along with my job. Let me share my efforts in research on the topic, it probably will save your time and also clear off the confusions.

PGDM is Post Graduation diploma in Management where as MBA is Master of Business Administration. The major confusion starts with the word Diploma in PGDM, but let me tell you, there is no major difference in the curriculum for both the courses. Now the question is if both are same then what the need for two programs is. When post graduate program in management is offered by any institute which is not affiliated to any State University i.e it is an autonomous body, it cannot provide a degree. Degrees are offered only by Universities. This being the major reason for the using the word diploma in the name.

Indias Top A-Tier institutes like IIMs, XLRI, JL Bajaj, Narsee Monjee, KJ Soumaya Institute offer PGDM not MBA because you will find the common word Institute in all these names. Unfortunately people say it as MBA from IIM, or MBA from XLRI, but the certificate/ degree they get after completion of Regular/Partime/Distance is Post Graduate Diploma in Management. When an Institute acquires autonomy they design their own syllabus to be taught instead of following the clich Universities syllabus.

Bringing about a change in the university syllabus is a complex process and happens only once in 3 or 5 years because many colleges are affiliated to a particular university and if they change the syllabus frequently, it will take time to revise the books for the faculties to upgrade themselves.

Institutes (PGDM) can update their program regularly depending on the need of the Industry without approval from any University. Whereas curriculum up gradation in UNIVERSITIES takes time and will happens once in years. This is the reason that in top 20 A tier management schools, institutes are in the ratio of 19:1. Because of the regular up gradation, PGDM is more industry oriented where as MBA is theoretical driven.
For further studies after PGDM, one needs to see whether the PGDM offered by the institute is equivalent to MBA which means that the college offering the PGDM course must have accreditation from AIU (The Association of Indian Universities).

As per our expert Career Counselors PGDM or MBA both are equivalent in terms of Market acceptance, curriculum as well as weight age. It totally depends upon individuals and also upon accreditation of Institutions. If you get through one of Indias Top business school then focus on the curriculum and flexibility because Management is a skill to develop and it is always better to learn from experienced and updated industry oriented faculties.

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